Hello Europe…. prepare yourself! I’m a-comin!

Location of XY (see filename) in Russia
Location of XY (see filename) in Russia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tomorrow at 2:25 pm I will board a seemingly endless flight to Moscow, Russia. As I accepted the cheapest flight the world-wide interweb could find, I unknowingly agreed to a 6 hour layover before arriving in Berlin. Rather than unrolling the sleeping bag and camping in the airport, I’m planning to bolt through the doors in an attempt to explore Moscow Tony Bourdain style. I’ll try not stray too far from my homebase but I can’t promise I’ll be able to escape the alluring aromas of steamed Russian dumplings or dill salads. If all goes as planned I’ll stumble upon a lovely eatery near the airport and safely return for my flight to Germany with plenty of time to spare. I’ll give in to the food, but I have all intentions of avoiding that toxic bottle of fermented potatoes and ethanol that would inevitably rob me of my seat on the plane. Then on to Berlin for this lady where the adventure will fully begin!


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