Um Coffee Whitener?….


While thumbing through my journal today I came across the hysterical notes I had taken about this little gem during my flight. That’s right folks, not creamer; whitener for your hot cup of joe. My semiconscious thoughts on the matter after watching 4 consecutive movies on a plane were quite entertaining. I don’t know how I forgot to write about this earlier, but I’m sharing my unaltered thoughts, written in the middle of the night somewhere over Europe with you now.

“Excuse me, can I have some whitener for my coffee?”

Clearly we aren’t concerned with the velvet creaminess of our coffee, it’s a purely cosmetic additive. It’s just more visually appealing to have my coffee a few shades whiter. Only the Tom Waits’s and Judi Dench’s of the world drink black coffee. The rest of us like it a nice shade of eggshell beige. Glad I can stop pretending to like soy milk in my latte. Now that I know its strictly for color altering I can just start grinding chalk dust into my mug. Good grief.

One thought on “Um Coffee Whitener?….

  1. Ummm. What about coffee darkener for those that may like their coffee extra dark? Just sayin’. Gee. I crack myself up sometimes.

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