About Cassie

In case you’re wondering who I am and why I choose to publicly document my every thought and discovery while traveling — welp, you found the right place.

This blog began 3 years ago (holy wombats). Originally I had no intentions of writing a ridiculous “about me” page; as I assumed anyone reading would already know me.

But as it turns out, the internet is a gossiping school-girl and occasionally people stumble upon this rant I call becomingwaldo. And it seems that you stumblers would like to know a bit more about me before you can appreciate my passionate rambling. Fair enough.

My name is Cassie. I’m a southern girl, damn near as country as one could be whilst wearing red lipstick. As a result of my heritage, I find shoes oppressing and pickles a delicacy. I like to pretend that I’m an unyielding adventurer, married to a backpack with five fingers always on the doorknob. But the reality is, I’m still on a mission to hang my hat somewhere. I just haven’t found the land of beer rivers and brie trees yet…

This blog began as a way to force myself to write a journal when I first set out as a solo backpacker in 2013. It was meant to help my parents sleep at night when I failed to access internet or got lost in fun-having swarms of humans. But it’s turned into something more than an electronic postcard home. At its core, this is a personal account of my meandering search for home. This is an open journal. A cuss-filled, emotional roller-coaster of a journal, written by a twenty-something traveler happily lost in the crowds of the world.

Cassie becoming Waldo.

One thought on “About Cassie

  1. In addition to your talents already acknowledged, I see that you are quite an adept writer. Write on….Ginger

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